Demystifying what happiness means and how to build a lifestyle of happiness.

A happy guy standing by the wall in red shirt with his eyes closed, fists rising in air, and a broad smile.
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Happiness is an overloaded term that lost its definition and meaning over time. As a result, it’s often confused with sense-driven pleasure — like the feeling after eating an ice cream that doesn’t last long.

While pleasure comes from the outside through senses, happiness is from the inside. It’s peace…

Understanding karma and how it functions in our day-to-day lives.

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What is Karma?

The word “Karma” literally translates to “Action”. Although its true meaning doesn’t distinguish between good and bad, the word is more commonly associated with bad actions. That’s the genesis of some popular phrases like “It is his/her Karma”, “leave it to their Karma” and “Karma is a Bitch”.

These very…

Insights into the journey & reflections from a transformative experience.

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Over the last couple of years, I grew fond of walking down the beautiful streets, vast parks and the canals of London. It evolved into a favourite pastime to spend time with myself, listen to podcasts and get some fresh air.

Towards the end of August, when I was dealing…

Nirvaan Chalasani

A cocktail of Compassion, Technology, Travel, Health, Growth Mindset & Spirituality

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